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Proudly made and designed in India

iPad/Tablet Stand

iPad/Tablet Stand

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A Versatile Docking Station
TABLET/ iPAD STAND Modular Birch Minimal

Portrait mode for your online meetings; landscape mode for your Netflix marathons. With a sizable panel that can support both orientations, the DESK Talk Tablet/ iPad Stand is the answer to your docking needs. The design accommodates a groove that nestles your device, ensuring that it doesn’t get knocked over easily by a light push or a shove.

An Optimum Viewing Angle

TABLET/ iPAD STAND Modular Birch Minimal

Speaking of Netflix marathons, how do you plan to grip your device in a comfortable position when your hands are full of late-night snacks? This is the reason why our Tablet/ iPad Stand comprises two birch plywood components that interlock at a precise position to form its unique design. The product docks your device at a 70° inclination that translates into the perfect viewing angle so you can binge-watch (and binge eat) in peace, hands-free.  

Wire Management
TABLET/ iPAD STAND Modular Birch Minimal

Do you get this eerie feeling that your device cables have a life of their own? They do seem to congregate in messy bundles the second you turn your back on them. This is why the DESK Talk Tablet/ iPad Stand includes 2 wire management notches that you can thread the cable through, strategically incorporated into the design. Just plug it in and forget it. Show them who’s boss.


So you’re done with your meetings (or your binge sessions) and just got your device charged to 100%. It’s time to declutter.  Well, you can even set aside your handy stand whose minimal design enables not only no-sweat assembly but also easy and compact storage. Just pull the two interlocking pieces of birch plywood apart and slide them into a drawer. That’s it; you’re done!!

Shipping & Returns

Return :

We currently accept returns in case the product:
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Any such item should be reported within 4 DAYS from the receipt of the item.


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Dimensions & Materials

Product Dimensions : 13 cm x 15 cm
Material: Birch Plywood
Material thickness: 12 mm

Care Instructions

To clean product, simple wipe with a dry cloth.
Do not paint, engrave or use any chemicals on the product.
Ensure product is stored in a dry area.

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