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Proudly made and designed in India

Planter Stand

Planter Stand

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There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to setting up a chamber for your treasured plants. With two interlocking, easily assembled pieces, the Planters can be set up, or put away— in line with the blooming and growing seasons of your flora.


With a compact, lightweight frame that allows for flexibility of placement and arrangement, your plants can now catch their sunny hours on your office desk just as much as on your coffee table.  Simply move the Planters wherever you want to, and grant your plants a ready spot in sundry corners of your place.


DESK talk ensures that no blossom gets left behind. The Planters are designed to integrate two differently sized accommodative spaces. Simply flip them over and give your plants snug shelters corresponding to their spatial needs.


Enriched by Water-Resistant PU polish, the Planters function as enduring, persistent underprops for your lush, thriving leafy members. So, shower your plants with love and water — that’s all they really need !!


Desk Dimensions:  17 cm x 17 cm x 15cm

Material: Birch Plywood

Material thickness: 12 mm

Made and designed in India!



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    Dimensions & Materials

    Planter Dimensions :17 cm x 17 cm x 15cm
    Material: Birch Plywood
    Material thickness: 12 mm

    Care Instructions

    To clean product, simple wipe with a dry cloth.
    Do not paint, engrave or use any chemicals on the product.
    Ensure product is stored in a dry area.

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