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  • Keep stool with books on top
  • Keep stool in dark finish
  • Keep stool in natural finish
  • Keep stool in natural finish
  • Sitting on the keep stool
  • Standing on the keep stool
  • Keep stool being handled
  • keep stool being carried
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Proudly made and designed in India

Keep Stool

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A kid assembling the Keep stool

The Keep Stool makes self-assembly as easy as a walk in the park with just three pieces. Interlock the leg pieces and secure the stool top to have yourself a snug seat in under a minute. It’s comfort, start to finish.


Keep stool with books on top

Seat yourself, your favourite book, or even step on it to reach out to your favourite book. The Keep Stool takes care of you and your belongings with a robust design that lends it sturdiness to support three different ways of use. 


Keep stool being carried around

Carry your favourite Keep Stool wherever you go. The flat-pack pieces can be easily stuffed in the storage space of your car and the incised-in handle make it so you always have access to a comfortable seat to relax at every single stop of your next road trip.


Keep stool in dark finish

Don’t Hesitate to get messy. The Keep Stool is fortified by a durable, water-resistant PU polish that can keep it strong and resilient for 10 long years! Simply swipe, wipe, and clean — you’re done!!


Desk Dimensions: 35 cm x 35 cm x 45cm

Material: Birch Plywood

Material thickness: 12 mm

Made and designed in India!




    Desk Dimensions :35 cm x 35 cm x 45cm
    Material: Birch Plywood
    Material thickness: 12 mm


    -Easy to assemble
    -Easy to carry
    -Portable seating solution
    -Multiple usages
    -Durable and sturdy
    -Withstands light to moderate weight


    To clean product, simple wipe with a dry cloth.
    Do not paint, engrave or use any chemicals on the product.
    Ensure product is stored in a dry area.
    Do not overload the product. Products loaded asymmetrically may tip over.

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