About Us

Desk talk is a concept that was formulated during the 2020 lock-down in Mumbai. Which focuses on ergonomic, practical and minimal desks for your home office.The brand started off with the founders discussing their personal woes of WFH and not having a desk good enough to work from. 
In December 2019, (which seems like a different world(time) now) Hitesh and Khushali often discussed what type of desk they wanted. Hitesh was looking for a desk with adequate space for everything, including 2 screens, a tablet/phone dock for his YouTube binges and a cable management tray to hide all the cables away. The Work from Home (WFH) set up during the lock-down exasperated Hitesh even further and after a lot of back and forth with Khushali they narrowed down certain features that would make their perfect desk. Form very much followed function and that’s how  the design for the first desk started coming to life.
Rather than starting off on the drawing board directly, we decided to take a data-driven approach and conduct a survey of what exactly is the need of the hour when it comes to a WFH set up.
The response received from the survey was overwhelmingly positive and boosted our confidence to start the design process. This led to taking the designs from computer-generated 3D models to 3D printed mock-ups, multiple rounds of prototyping where it was realized that even 2mm of changes in dimensions would have a huge impact on the design and the ergonomics of the tables, rigorous sample testing including stress tests (sounds scientific but Khushali just sat in it and said no ones pieces weighs more than me). Then finally, then the product was launched into the market!
Keeping in mind the current environment they designed a desk which was easy to assemble, at the same time easy to store away without any intervention of carpenters at home. The philosophy behind the design was inspired by Immanuel Kant’s quote "The hand is the window on to the mind" and the fact that the human mind is more attached to a product which is self-created.

These desks are the product of long hours on google meets and 4,142mugs of coffee (Yes! , I counted),and motivated team members working remotely from their homes in Mysore and Dubai.

The Team

Khushali Thakkar Founder of Desh talk

Khushali Chawda:
Khushali is a product and spatial designer based out of Mumbai, India. Her experience ranges from designing products and furniture, to set design for theatre, exhibitions for museums to interior projects. She is currently working with Rooshad Shroff as a Designer and was in the UK prior to this where she worked with 59 Productions, a company that focuses on telling stories through technology. Some of the projects she has worked on are, Christian Louboutin Retail, Hermes India Window Displays, The Last Ship, Music by Sting and an Astronomy Exhibition at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen to name a few.
Khushali’s design philosophy is about developing products or spaces that tell a story and take the user through an experience without them being conscious of it. Understanding human psychology plays a huge part in her design process.
Her educational background is in Lifestyle Accessories Design from NIFT and a masters in Interior Design from the Royal College of Art, London, UK.


Hitesh Thakkar:
Hitesh Thakkar is a Market Researcher and an all-round enthusiast when it comes to gaining know-how on new topics and expanding horizons. Loves asking “Why” and believes in challenging convention. He strongly believes in data-driven decisions and is the Founder of Clairvoyant Insights, a new age market research company. He has an MBA in Finance with the curiosity of a 5-year-old.