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A Letter to the HR

  We all are in our bubbles, floating in and around, with a lot of troubles. Stress is the new normal, Can somebody rectify this, 2020 Journal? Job insecurity is at its peak, Motivation is a necessity, but how do we seek? Dear HR, This is not a blog. It is a letter. A letter to all of you who work so hard in searching for the right talent, hiring them and keeping them motivated. Now the question is- Are you really doing enough to keep your wonderful workforce motivated during tough times like these? Ask this question to yourself, if the answer is ‘yes’, nothing like it. Keep up your good work and share some secret tips in the...

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Your guide to buying a perfect work desk from home

GET YOUR PERFECT WORK DESK FOR HOME With the changes in labor laws which are redefining the working hours, work from home is set to become a norm. After these changes brought by the ongoing pandemic, 50% of corporate workers will prefer work from home. So, having an effective desk is a crucial part of work from home. Having thought ahead of time of what your work area will be when finished will assist you with choosing the correct work area for your own prerequisites. Since the work desks come in varying sizes, styles and looks, it is important that you choose according to what suits you and your profession best to have an enjoyable experience of working from home....

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Tech companies and their work from home strategy

A Challenging Time Ahead: Due to the nation-wide lockdown, many companies are facing issues as to how they can keep motivating their employees during this time and how they can be more productive and derive results for the company. Since the work from home culture is here to stay for a bit longer, employees may not be encouraged enough to perform the same tasks that they used to while in office. There can be multiple reasons for this but one of the main reasons is the distraction that they face at home, whether it is due to performing household chores or a cluttered work desk or even because of lack of a work desk. It is important for the HRs...

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