Your guide to buying a perfect work desk from home


With the changes in labor laws which are redefining the working hours, work from home is set to become a norm. After these changes brought by the ongoing pandemic, 50% of corporate workers will prefer work from home.

So, having an effective desk is a crucial part of work from home. Having thought ahead of time of what your work area will be when finished will assist you with choosing the correct work area for your own prerequisites.

Since the work desks come in varying sizes, styles and looks, it is important that you choose according to what suits you and your profession best to have an enjoyable experience of working from home. Here are some tips so that you select the best desk for your work from home experience and make the most of it-

  1. Make a list of all the workplace gear you will use frequently and incorporate measurements so that you will have an idea that how much space you will need to place all those things.


Apart from your PC, you should consider any peripherals, for example, the printer, phone or whatever other gadgets that you may require. Consider some other storage that you may require, similar to a file organizer or cabinet.


  1. The desk that you will choose will also depend upon the kind of work that you do. Each profession requires a different setting and your quality of work will also depend on the kind of atmosphere that you have around you to reach your goal.


However, a minimalist design always helps to reduce the distractions around you so that your full concentration is on your work. A work desk that is designed keeping minimalism in mind also looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The main idea of a work desk should be to encourage people to be productive while at home. Even desks with elaborate designs are sometimes not able to do just that and end up being a showpiece at home. So, the main idea should be fulfilled so that you do not lose your focus.

You can also choose a Sit-Stand desk. Not only they have a lot of health benefits, but they also help in saving a lot of space. Sitting for long duration of hours can have serious impact on your back and the posture of the body in general so the main idea of these desks is to stand and work after 30-60 minutes of sitting.


  1. If you work with a variety of material like files and paperwork, search for a work area with a great deal of extra room so you can remain sorted. Your desk should have good number of storage space in the form of shelves. They should also be easy to reach even when you are sitting and should not be very deep.

For customized designs, you can reach out to Desk Talk, a company which focuses on creating a productive and ergonomic work from home environment to help remote workers. The furniture is easy to assemble and has a minimalist design that will blend in with your room very easily.


  1. If you are working with a lot of devices and gadgets, your work space becomes cluttered which is not pleasant to look at. Look for desks that have special storage or holders for wires and other parts of the device. This will help you in cable management and declutter your space so that you can work without any confusion and with more space.

We, at Desk Talk, pay a lot of attention to these details and our desks have a special cable management structure for a hassle-free experience and also have spacious drawers which are easy to install.


  1. The average desk tallness is somewhere in the range of 28" and 30". To discover how tall a work area ought to be to best suit your tallness and improve your stance, divide your height by 2.5. If at any time you need to change the height of the desk to suit you, look at the work areas by Desk Talk, which have the element of modifying the stature for various purposes. These are tailored as per the customer needs.


The bottom line is, comfort is King. Whatever suits your profession and style of working, Desk Talk will ensure that you have that. The desks are all made in India with a thought-out design so that your furniture speaks of who you are. Each and every detail of the product is carefully crafted to perfection which makes it easier to install and assemble. The type of desk you choose will definitely affect your work so it is worth giving a thought!



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