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10 Chrome Extensions To Get Your Work Done Faster

With the majority of work being delegated within the confines of the web browser, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how colossal of a resource internet is. It is just as likely to make our work life strenuous, as it is to make it less burdensome. Therefore, it is prudent to utilize as many means as we can to tap into the true potential of the speed and efficiency this information superhighway has to offer. Listed below are some chrome extensions that can help you wind up your work faster (and easier!).

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TOP 12 Google Calendar Features You Need To Know About

Checking the Google Calendar may be a staple in the workday for many of us. It's easy to dismiss it as a basic calendar application that stores the details of your schedule. Given below are 12 little-known Google Calendar features that you should incorporate in your calendar settings for a streamlined work schedule, everyday.

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