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How HR is playing its role amidst the Pandemic in these top tech companies?

  The novel Coronavirus has brought with itself a series of ‘the new normal’. One of them being, “working from home and, working from anywhere.”  While initially, there was a bit of resistance but the stats suggest that the employees and employers have adapted themselves and shown unparalleled productivity. TCS’s new model of vision 25*25 is a talk of the town and industry experts are vouching on the success and possible failures of it. The ambitious project aims on having only 25% of its workforce, working from office the rest 75% will be deemed to the new WFH scenario. This will assure a major cut on big expenses like facilities, transport, office space, rentals, and energy. The HR team is...

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A Letter to the HR

  We all are in our bubbles, floating in and around, with a lot of troubles. Stress is the new normal, Can somebody rectify this, 2020 Journal? Job insecurity is at its peak, Motivation is a necessity, but how do we seek? Dear HR, This is not a blog. It is a letter. A letter to all of you who work so hard in searching for the right talent, hiring them and keeping them motivated. Now the question is- Are you really doing enough to keep your wonderful workforce motivated during tough times like these? Ask this question to yourself, if the answer is ‘yes’, nothing like it. Keep up your good work and share some secret tips in the...

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