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What Entails LGBTQ Inclusion In Workplaces?

Workplaces can be regarded as mini biospheres of sorts, being reflective of society at large. They are a melting pot of individuals of different cultures, creeds, and backgrounds. Although heteronormativity has been the default for centuries, a progressive society must be as inclusive of independent identities as it is diverse. 

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A Letter to the HR

  We all are in our bubbles, floating in and around, with a lot of troubles. Stress is the new normal, Can somebody rectify this, 2020 Journal? Job insecurity is at its peak, Motivation is a necessity, but how do we seek? Dear HR, This is not a blog. It is a letter. A letter to all of you who work so hard in searching for the right talent, hiring them and keeping them motivated. Now the question is- Are you really doing enough to keep your wonderful workforce motivated during tough times like these? Ask this question to yourself, if the answer is ‘yes’, nothing like it. Keep up your good work and share some secret tips in the...

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