How HR is playing its role amidst the Pandemic in these top tech companies?


The novel Coronavirus has brought with itself a series of ‘the new normal’. One of them being, “working from home and, working from anywhere.”  While initially, there was a bit of resistance but the stats suggest that the employees and employers have adapted themselves and shown unparalleled productivity.

Work from home and ergonomic desk

TCS’s new model of vision 25*25 is a talk of the town and industry experts are vouching on the success and possible failures of it. The ambitious project aims on having only 25% of its workforce, working from office the rest 75% will be deemed to the new WFH scenario. This will assure a major cut on big expenses like facilities, transport, office space, rentals, and energy. The HR team is assuring a regular communication between the teams. Reportedly 35,000 meetings and over 40 lakhs official calls were recorded on the company’s common SBWS platform.

Tech companies during WFH

Wipro’ chairman, Mr. Rashid Prem Ji recently quoted, “I am confident that we will emerge from this crisis, a stronger Wipro and a more valuable partner to our clients than ever before. The next few months will be critical to the organizations, as they build their resilience to persist, resurrect their businesses, and master the new business environment”. He further mentioned that they will never come back to 100% work from office scenarios. It can be very clearly said that working from home has been a preferred choice for most employers.

The Indian IT sector is witnessing a major shift in the regular work-life goals and it can be estimated that Mr. Corona virus is going to change their foundation forever.

Tech companies WFH

The technical giant, IBM is planning to reduce its office space by more than 50%. According to the sources, the management of IBM will possibly redraw their lease agreement and will shift towards a more productive and budget-friendly way of getting work done from home. The HR team is going hand in hand with the company’s strategy and is facilitating efficient cost-cutting measures.

When talking about the IT sector, Infosys cannot be missed. So, Infosys’s executive vice president and head HR, Richard Lobo recently mentioned that about 33% of its workforce will be working permanently from home. This means approx. 80,000 employees will be working directly from home. Furthermore, on April 20’s press conference, Infosys COO Mr. Pravin Rao mentioned that the employees have gotten used to WFH and have not shown any losses in productivity. With the changing norms and work culture practices, it is quite evident that IT companies have embraced the change and are working towards the common agenda of reducing the office space and making work from home the new normal.

WFH: New Normal

HR can play a major role here by acting as a support system for both the employees and the employer. It is interesting to note here that there are a few companies which are helping their employees in finding a new job after the layoff. One such example is of the food delivery service provider, Swiggy.


Having said that, it can be safely concluded that facilitating the journey of your employees during tough times like these is extremely important. Show that you do care for their mental and physical well-being. A few things that you can tick-mark in your, “How to be a good HR during Pandemic” can be:  Assuring ergonomic work desk, facilitating frequent communication, team meetings, and helping the employer to plan a proper cost-cutting drive are a few things, to begin with.

Whatever it may be, remember to lend a helping hand.

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