Don’t let mental pressure choke your employees' productivity

“Mental wellbeing of employees is important.”

“Everyone should take care of body postures. Ergonomic desks should be encouraged.”

“Our utmost priority is to keep our employees happy, healthy, and energized.”

“We must focus on wellness”

The list goes on and on. The world talks about it, hears it, discusses it but how many of these will act? It’s time to take employees’ health seriously. It’s time to communicate, empathize, and focus on the well-being of employees holistically.  A simple change in the new work from home lifestyle can go a long way. It can be as simple as, taking out time to host a fun meeting, or celebrating little milestones or gifting your employee an ergonomic work desk, or hosting a virtual birthday party, these are a few of those little joys that can accelerate the mental wellbeing of your employees.

positive attitude when working from home

While, mental wellness has been overlooked in the past but the recent shift in work-life practices suggests that, HR globally is taking this issue quite seriously. Specifically, in tough times like these, it is more important than ever to ensure the wellbeing of all your employees.  Prove that you do care. Here are the top 5 things you should do to ensure the mental wellbeing of all your employees:

  • Celebrate little joys at work:

Who doesn’t love being recognized? Now is the time to spread optimism. Take out that magnifying glass of yours and start looking up for small little reasons to celebrate work. Patting employees on the back does not harm. Give credits where the credit is due and let your actions speak up for your intent. Give them the gift of comfort with DESK talk’s ergonomic work desk and witness their morale being boosted multifold.

Celebrate joys during work from home

  • Communication is the key:

Communicate regularly and quite often. It’s important to host webinars and spread positivity. Now is the time to care and caress. Believe it or not, lectures on employee loyalty, and those training workshops will do no good but proving that you do care even during tough times, will take employee loyalty to the next level.  Also, try taking out time for an informal conversation, pull each other’s’ leg, joke around, share some laughter, and let happiness prevail. We would suggest, reserve the initial 15 minutes for Water cooler talk aka Chit chat session.

 Help during work from home

  • Recognize & acknowledge the impact of loneliness:

Remember we are in it together. Let’s learn from the sunflower, during sunny days we all have faced towards the sun. Now, when the days are shady, it’s time to face each other. Lonely employees start feeling left out and despite enormous potential, fall in the trap of depression and misfortune. Social isolation results in a lack of commitment, low approachability, and a negative relationship between colleagues. Lend a helping hand, it does matter! Host talks, you can also consider inviting some mental health experts over a call and organizing a few engagement activities to address the concern.

Online learning during WFH

  • Facilitate e-learning:

This is a great time to sharpen skills and build a workforce that is better than what it was before the lockdown. It not just acts as a remedy to get away from negativity but also adds to self-growth and development. There are thousands of courses available online; it’s time to make work happen. At the same time, make sure that employees are working in a clutter-free environment. With the advent of technology, the jungle of wires has become the new normal! A cluttered work desk is certain to reduce their productivity therefore; gifting your workforce a gift of comfort and clarity can be a great idea. DESK talk’s ergonomic work desk is specially designed to ensure a clutter-free workspace that facilitates e-learning at its best.

  • Set a clear agenda:

Don’t beat around the bush in long employee meetings. Stick to a common plan and let employees take charge of proving their wits. With those long zoom calls, the interest of employees is sure to wave off. Be super crisp and clear with your agenda.

Teams during WFH

During these times of uncertainty, keep one thing very certain which is the mental wellbeing of all your employees. That is what will foster the organization’s growth as a whole. They are staying home; let them stay happy, good work and productive work hours will start to follow.



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