Advantages of birch plywood: In conversation with Desk TALK

DeskTALK, a Mumbai based startup is offering an ergonomic solution to those working remotely in India during the COVID- 19 scenarios. “While enjoying our cup of coffee, we were working on a very important project and suddenly the coffee spilled on all of our papers. That was it, that was our ‘Eureka’ moment and we decided to come up with a solution to ease such WFH hurdles,” says Hitesh Thakkar, co-founder of DeskTALK.

With high quality birch plywood and minimal designs, they are making work happen!

“The times are tough and we wanted the employees to feel motivated when they sit down for work, so we targeted HR heads and CEOs to cater the issues. We sent mailers and reached out to them to communicate the need of a proper home office and a perfect work desk. The products are getting a good attention and we are now working on a few more designs based on the feedback received,” explains Thakkar.

The company emphasizes on making work happen and uses the top quality birch plywood for the same. The advantages of birch plywood are multifold, a few of which includes:

  1. Aesthetics: If you are looking for that exquisite minimal look, birch plywood is the best fit for your need. It renders an elegant finish to the furniture with an irresistible sleek design. when it comes to giving your furniture an aesthetic appeal, birch plywood is a must-have for your décor.
  2. Durability: Give a promise of long life to your furniture with birch plywood that stands out for durability and matchless quality. With the compact design of DeskTalk work desks, it becomes even easier to store and preserve the office setup and use it for years to come.
  3. Safety: Birch plywood comes with smooth finish and texture. The round edges of DeskTalk ergonomic work desk assure that your fingers are not harmed during your work from home hours.
  4. Environment friendly: Birch plywood is one of the most environmentally friendly material of the furniture world, birch trees are found in abundance in northeastern Europe. Thus, assuring a minimal devastation to the diversity. It is eco- friendly and comes with amazing biodegradable properties. Do your part, save nature and make work happen from any time, anywhere.
  5. Lightweight: Birch plywood is lightweight and can be easily carried to any space for an ergonomic work from anywhere setup. Dive into the layers of comfort and minimalism with birch plywood. Isn’t it a smarter solution?


With high-quality standards and on-time delivery, DeskTALK is making its mark over top Indian companies. Book your appointment now.  


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