A Letter to the HR


We all are in our bubbles,

floating in and around, with a lot of troubles.

Stress is the new normal,

Can somebody rectify this, 2020 Journal?

Job insecurity is at its peak,

Motivation is a necessity, but how do we seek?

letter to the HR

Dear HR,

This is not a blog. It is a letter. A letter to all of you who work so hard in searching for the right talent, hiring them and keeping them motivated. Now the question is- Are you really doing enough to keep your wonderful workforce motivated during tough times like these? Ask this question to yourself, if the answer is ‘yes’, nothing like it. Keep up your good work and share some secret tips in the comment below. But, if this question has made you think, then please go on and get inspired by the top five tips to make work from home easier for your talented employees.

  • Recognize their efforts

As they say, next to excellence is the appreciation of it. Words like, “Great job”, “We are proud of you”, “Keep rocking” goes a long way! And HR should always aim at giving credits wherever it is due. Though there are events and activities to recognize the employees’ efforts especially, in tough times like these, it becomes important to make it a regular affair. It is time to step forward and take a leap of faith.

Recognize the efforts

  • Encourage Learning

Our social media feeds are filled with updates from online classes and discounts running on them. Select and suggest some relevant courses to your employees. The world is going digital. So, suggesting Google certified courses for AI, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and online business management can be a great way to kick start a new culture of skill development.

The equation is simple; there is a direct relationship between the skills of your workforce to your organization’s growth and productivity. Put in some more effort and make a stronger team that is far more learned and skilled than it was before the lockdown.

encourage learnings

  • Provide purpose and tools

Almost everyone has seen the viral video of “Life at Google”. The modern infrastructure and the intricate detailing left everyone overwhelmed. Soon, Google became the most admired brand to work. Well, who doesn’t love working in a great infrastructure?

But what to expect when your employees are working from home? Making excel sheets on a coffee table, attending phone calls by lying down on the bed, or sitting drained on a sofa during a video call? The condition is not as funny as it might sound. It calls for some serious action. Providing your employees with an ergonomic work desk can be a great way to subtly convey, “We do care” and we are here for you and your wellbeing. Working in incorrect posture, not only reduce the employees’’ productivity but also, tends to proliferate mental and physical stress.  An ergonomic work setup and some DIY videos for a healthy diet can be a great initiative to pump in some motivation during the work from home scenarios.

Purpose and Tools

  • Earn their trust

It’s all in the rumors! But, don’t let rumors overtake your credibility. The market is in a bad shape and everyone knows that but whatever the situation may be, it is important to convey the truth to your employees. Don’t be harsh while stating facts, place them such so that it fosters hope and encourages your employees to give their 200%.

Provide workshops and training wherever required. Fun games and activities like dumb charades, Simon says, and complete the story can be organized to charge up the creativity of employees.  Ask internal resources to volunteer and support each other in the overall growth of the organization. Remember, we are in it together.

  • Promote health and wellness

While a lot of organizations have already started taking employees’ health seriously. It still calls for some more action. Regular online Yoga sessions, Zumba classes, and meditation can make employees feel valued and more connected to the organization. How about suggesting a wellness app to your employees wherein your workforce would be able to keep a track of their health online?

mindfulness and work from home

With all said and done, there’s just one last thing that we would want you to do right now, “Smile and keep smiling”.

Do you know it is the only curve that sets everything straight!
This too shall pass and life shall dance again.  




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