10 Chrome Extensions To Get Your Work Done Faster


Link to text fragment

An offering by Google, this Chrome extension does exactly what it says. Link To Text Fragment creates an anchor link to the text selected on a webpage. The link can then be copy-pasted anywhere and when opened in a browser, the page gets scrolled to the selected text which appears highlighted for an easy and quick read. A very simple and minimal tool, it comes in handy when you want to share information and resources with your colleagues and want to back it up with proper citation. It is also a great way to corral relevant information to refer back to when required.



Fready comes in handy when there’s tonnes of reading material to go through that demands both focus and attention to detail. It functions as a word pacer that draws attention to text by means of a highlighted window that runs through the entire text document, focusing on a few words at a time. What adds to its utility is that Fready can also store web pages for easy reference later on.



If you are in a position that requires you to hold meetings and convey information effectively, Screenity might just make things a whole lot easier for you. This Chrome extension allows screen capture, annotation, and editing— all in real-time. Features like these allow you to be more articulate in your presentation, supplemented with handy ways to disperse information. Another great feature that it offers is in the form of a built-in screen recorder which can save your files directly to Google Drive. It is obvious, Screenity allows you to make the most out of your time.



One Tab

If you’re the type of person that hoards 50 tabs, scared to close even a single one of them as if it would be gone forever, you might want to read on. One Tab could perhaps be the best solution to this problem. This extension closes the mass of tabs open in your browser and replaces them all with a single page that contains links to those pages, cleaning up your browser screen. One Tab also claims to free up to 95% of CPU and RAM space, enabling your computer to continue working efficiently, helping you get your work done quicker.



Save to Pocket

Save to pocket is a nifty extension that lets you save important stuff you may have come across on the internet all in one place so you can return to them for a quick or in-depth reference. It also comes in handy when you’re working on a project and need to do a lot of research. All it takes is a click on the icon and the page of your choice gets stored in a digital pocket, saving you the hassle of going through the chain of folders in the bookmarks section of your browser. If this is not reason enough to get Save To Pocket installed, the fact that all the content collected gets synced across all your devices should suffice to convince you!!




Hunter is a no-nonsense email-finding extension designed to get some serious work done. It could be your go-to tool for when you need to acquire the details of a person you want to contact. Hunter comes up with a list of emails, supplemented with the name, job title, and social plug-ins of all the people listed on a website. All you have left to do is go through that list and figure out the person of your interest. Hunter saves you a lot of time that could have otherwise been spent scrolling and sifting through the website.



Tab resize

It is a simple solution to the frustrating problem of having to split the screen manually and resizing your tabs when you need to have several tabs open simultaneously. With Tab Resize,  all you need to do is click on its icon and choose one of the several tab layouts provided for use, and your screen will display the opened tabs arranged in that particular manner.



Office editing for docs, sheets, and slides

This is the type of chrome extension that will prove valuable for collaborative projects that involve differing preferences between Google Suite and MS Office. All it requires is dragging and dropping a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file onto the Chrome browser, and it would open up in the relevant Google Suite application. Another feature that could prove advantageous for Mac OS users is that it enables them to access and edit MS Office documents, without actually having those programs installed in their operating system.



Auto text expander

This extension is a godsend for people that need to deal with having to type out certain pieces of text quite often. It is quite understandable that things can get really monotonous, really quickly. Auto text expander lets you substitute customized keyboard shortcuts that act like shorthand cues for those repetitive text fragments. Whenever typed out, those shortcuts expand into the piece of text they are meant to represent, saving the effort of having to type or copy/paste those pieces continually.


10. Post It All:

Post it all

Be it the ones you stick to your desktop or the kind that hover on your computer screen, sticky notes are indispensable. Post it all is a leveled-up version of this modest commodity. This chrome extension lets you add sticky notes to your web pages. But what sets the tool apart is that these notes persist and load automatically when you reopen those pages. This ensures that these sticky reminders remain in your field of view as you work on your project, assuring that you don’t leave out vital inputs. Additionally, this saves you the trouble of having to leave your browser to access other applications for references and resources.

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